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I am interested in giving a helping hand to anyone who is going through difficulties of any kind and is in need of someone to talk to. I introduced this website of mine as a place where your problems can be shared with me with confidentiality. If you feel I can be of some help to whatever difficulties you are going through you are most welcome to email me at the address below. I cannot guarantee a solution to your problem but I certainly can be a person who can be with you while you go through your difficulties.
Feeling Depressed?
Well, life can sometimes be tough. When the weather is bad we do at times feel like giving up and decide that life has no meaning at all. When such feelings come to you it is not that you are not a good person or you are not worth your life. It simply means that you are going through a rough and tough time of your life and such times do happen to every human being in the world. My experience of my own pains and difficulties may help others see the better side of life when they are confronted with difficuties that may seem insurmountable. Life can sometimes deliver situations that seems impossible and hopeless. When such time is at your door step, do remember that somewhere someone is interested enough to give you a helping hand, to give you the love of another human being and to simply just be with you. So do write to me if you think I can be that someone for you.


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